My World Trip Favourites

Reading Under the Dome in an Australian park

My world trip lasted four and a half months and during that time I read 11 books. I discovered that most hostels have a book shelf where you can swap a book that you’ve read for a new one; what a brilliant idea! Here are some five star treasures I found around the world.

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*Random Post Alert* My Holiday to Granada

Gardens in Granada make me happy 🙂


I’ve started writing for Globonaut again, an awesome travel blog that was started by a university friend.

My post about my recent trip to Granada is now up there, yay! You can read it here if you’re interested 🙂

Have you been to Granada before? What was your favourite bit? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Wednesday!

The Capybara


During my world trip, I visited Peru and spent 6 glorious, and very dirty, days in the Amazon rainforest. It was, by far, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, even though I was bitten to death by mosquitoes. Whilst there, I managed to see quite a few capybaras. We spotted these adorable rodents every morning as they came down to the riverbank to munch on grass or have a dip in the river. Here’s why I love these curious creatures.

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The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes


I first discovered Julian Barnes when I had to read his novel, The Sense of an Ending, during my Master’s degree. I fell in love with his writing style, which is humorous and lyrical, and the way he crafts a basic plot premise into a masterpiece of storytelling. So when I saw The Noise of Time (in a Tesco of all places), I knew that I just had to read it!

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