Hi there and welcome to my blog, a place where literature and science collides.

Often, these two disciplines have been kept apart; people who are interested in science can not possibly appreciate literary genius, and people who adore books don’t know anything about the intricacies of science. My whole life, however, I’ve been fascinated by science and obsessed with literature. I never understood why these two facets of life couldn’t be joined together in perfect matrimony. So, I decided to put a blog together that encompasses both my interests in an entertaining and (hopefully) educational way.

On the Curious Creatures page you will find a series of posts about some of the weird and wonderful animals that roam our planet. I love learning about the bizarre members of the animal kingdom, and I hope these posts will open your eyes to some of the crazy creatures living right under our noses.

The Science page contains articles about new scientific discoveries and debates. What new medical advances has mankind made recently? Why do we never really hear about women in science?

On the Literature page you will be able to read some of my short stories as well as articles surrounding the literary discipline. Why is Shakespeare such a cultural phenomenon? Is young adult fiction worth reading?

The Book Reviews page contains (yes, you guessed it) book reviews of the latest books I’ve read. I include both a literary angle by discussing for example genre, form, and narrative, as well as my personal opinion.

If you’re interested in reading more book reviews and literary musings, feel free to take a look at my old blog,  Me, My Books, and I.

All that’s left to say is: read your heart out and enjoy!

Zahia x



6 thoughts on “About

  1. I must say that I enjoyed reading each part of this new and divers blog! And yes! Love the way you write! Makes it so much easier to read 😀

    I got swept into darkness to “see” the Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles of fish (blind as a bat, animal joke), got confronted by “the naked truth” of a strange rodent, the comic section is where “X” marked the spot, the science of a bandage stitched me up and I got a little smarter, as if I had undergone an operation to raise my intellect!

    Tot slot! De foto’s van jou zijn super mooi!

    Can’t wait to read more!


  2. I have a similar problem with literature and science. A-level options have proved to be particularly difficult, because apparently doing both Physics and English Literature isn’t a popular choice!


    1. I totally agree. I took Biology, Chemistry and English Lit for A-level and people kept asking if I was certain about choosing those subjects…
      I then went to a liberal arts and sciences university in Amsterdam so I was able to major in Biology and minor in Literature, and now I’m completing a Masters in Literature (and writing my thesis about science in literature!) So it is possible to combine both, it’s just takes a bit more planning 🙂

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