My World Trip Favourites

Reading Under the Dome in an Australian park

My world trip lasted four and a half months and during that time I read 11 books. I discovered that most hostels have a book shelf where you can swap a book that you’ve read for a new one; what a brilliant idea! Here are some five star treasures I found around the world.

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The Noise of Time by Julian Barnes


I first discovered Julian Barnes when I had to read his novel, The Sense of an Ending, during my Master’s degree. I fell in love with his writing style, which is humorous and lyrical, and the way he crafts a basic plot premise into a masterpiece of storytelling. So when I saw The Noise of Time (in a Tesco of all places), I knew that I just had to read it!

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Reading Update: November and December


Happy New Year! I hope 2017 has started off well for you. I wanted to start the year with a long overdue blog post…

My poor blog has seen little action during the last few months of 2016 because I’ve been mega busy (and a bit lazy…). I was in New York for most of November (more about that later), and the beginning of December found me frantically saying goodbye to Amsterdam and all my friends there before travelling home to London.

So, due to my tardiness, I’ve decided to combine my reading updates for November and December. Enjoy!

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Reading Update: October


Happy (belated) Halloween! I hope you all had a scary evening filled with more treats than tricks 🙂 I stayed in and watched Hotel Transylvania 2 with a friend (Halloween and ‘trick or treating’ isn’t widely practised here in the NL) and we spent the evening laughing our heads off instead of screaming in fright – definitely more preferable in my opinion.

October was a busy month for me but I managed to read quite a bit thanks (I guess?) to being stuck for a few days without internet access. It was a bit frustrating at first but then I started to enjoy being alone, in the middle of nowhere, with only my books to keep me company…

So here’s my reading update for October 🙂

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Nevernight by Jay Kristoff


I think that most people have either read this, have read reviews about this, or have heard of it at the very least, so I’m a bit late to the party (don’t worry if you haven’t actually heard of this…you have now 🙂 ). This novel took me a bit longer to get through that I had planned because I picked up a whole bunch of other books along the way (story of my life). But I finally decided to dedicate my undivided attention to it during my holiday in Jordan and boy was it worth it!

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Reading Update: September


September has been a busy month. I spent most of it still at home in London with my family (since I live in Amsterdam now, it’s nice to be home with them for a while). I also had the most amazing holiday in Jordan! It was an incredible trip – I did and saw so much, and I was lucky enough to stay with the nicest family ever! I’ll be writing a blog about it on a new travel blog I occasionally write for, so be sure to check that out if you’re interested (I’ll write a post on this blog directing you to it once it’s up 🙂 ).

Anyway…back to the books 😉

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Reading Update: August

blog image (reading update august)

September has already started so I’m a bit behind with posting my reading update for last month…sorry!  I’m currently back at home in London, visiting my family, and I’ve had plenty time for reading. My mum is also a big reader, so we spent many days in August sitting together on the couch and reading…pure bliss in my opinion 🙂 

So here’s what I managed to read last month…

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