The Kangaroo

Say hello to Skippy!

When you think of a quintessentially Australian animal, most people instantly think of kangaroos. These hopping marsupials have many adaptations that have helped them to thrive in an Australian environment. With their huge tails, powerful hind legs, and spacious pouches, kangaroos are very curious indeed.

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The Capybara


During my world trip, I visited Peru and spent 6 glorious, and very dirty, days in the Amazon rainforest. It was, by far, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had, even though I was bitten to death by mosquitoes. Whilst there, I managed to see quite a few capybaras. We spotted these adorable rodents every morning as they came down to the riverbank to munch on grass or have a dip in the river. Here’s why I love these curious creatures.

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The Coypu

coypu 3

I was in France recently, in the province of Alsace, visiting a dear friend. It was absolutely beautiful there: the mountains, the vineyards, the sun! During my visit, we went to a Reintroduction Centre. Alsace is known for their population of storks (they’re everywhere; roosting on churches, swooping over villages, chilling on the side of the road), but in the 60’s their numbers were dwindling until only two breeding pairs were left!¬†The centre was set up in 1976 with the intention of breeding and reintroducing storks back into Alsace. And thus far, they have been very successful ūüôā (Check out their website¬†here¬†if you’re interested in learning more).

Anyway, at the centre I saw quite a few animals. Plenty of elegant storks (their chicks are really ugly though, in case you were wondering), playful otters, fast, fish catching cormorants, and a whole family of adorable coypus (aka river rats or nutrias).  Continue reading



Lately, I’ve been a little obsessed with the Marvel film¬†Ant-Man.¬†¬†I’m a sucker for a good superhero film, and this was definitely that. To top it all off, the film heavily featured a curious creature that is often overlooked: the humble, yet incredible, ant.¬†Yes, I know the film is a work of fiction (sadly, because having a shrinking suit would be so cool!) but there were a lot of elements that are based on fact, specifically when it comes to the awesome natural ability¬†of ants. Continue reading

The Slow Loris


I first laid eyes on a slow loris at London zoo several years ago. He (could’ve been a she for all I know) was steadily moving through the branches in his enclosure, stretching out his tiny five fingered hand to grasp the leafy twig in front of him.¬†I was fascinated because I had never seen this¬†adorable, and slightly odd, looking animal before. I stood there watching it for about half an hour before my mum came to find me to drag me away… Continue reading