2016: Reading in Review


In January 2016 I decided to take part in the Goodreads Reading Challenge for the first time. I set my target to 71 books based on my reading patterns from the previous years when I used to write down all the books I read in a notebook. To my surprise, when I checked my Goodreads account yesterday, I had managed to read 100 books! A few of these books were graphic novels, and I think it also helped that I was completing a Literature Masters degree and had to read books for my courses, so thanks to that I was able to read a lot more than I thought.

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Reading The World

reading the world

In May 2015, I wrote a blog post on my old blog, Me, My Books, and I, about reading world literature. In that post, I admitted to the fact that my reading adventures were typically confined to the Western canon, and I discussed the benefits of branching out and reading the world. At that point in my life, I felt like I had managed to read a fair few authors who were not British or American, especially when I compared myself to my peers.

Since a year has passed, I thought it would be apt to look back and see if I have improved upon my world reading journey.

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The Shrinking Man vs Ant-Man


So, I watched¬†Ant-Man¬†recently and loved it! Not just because I’m a massive Marvel fan, but also because I really enjoyed noticing the similarities between the movie and Matheson’s¬†The Shrinking Man. I wrote a review on the novel a while back (which you can read here) and I was a little surprised to see so many connections between the two. The Ant-Man character was first introduced in Marvel comics in 1962, five years after Matheson had published his novel (1957). One of the first things I noticed, then, is that the main character in both the¬†novel and the film have the same first name: Scott. Coincidence? I think not.¬† Continue reading

Young Adult and Children’s Fiction. Yay or Nay?

Artemis Fowl    Shade's Children

Time Stops For No Mouse  The Giver

Hello. My name is Zahia. I am 22 years old and I read young adult and children’s fiction.

There. How’s that for a big literary confession?

It’s true though. I am a big fan of young adult (YA) and children’s fiction! I always have been, and I probably always will be. Oh, and I don’t care who knows about it either. I find the stories easy to read, entertaining, and exciting. Often, when I’m in a bit of a reading slump, picking up a YA or children’s book quickly puts me back on the reading track.¬† Continue reading