Can young blood reverse ageing?

It might sound like something from vampire mythology, but studies have shown that regularly infusing young blood can turn back the clock.

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Peeing on a jellyfish sting: cure or old wives’ tale?

jellyfish friends

I was watching a whole bunch of Friends clips on youtube (because I’m a weird human being who is apparently incapable of using her time effectively) and I came across one in which Monica gets stung by a jellyfish on the beach. Joey claims that he saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel that talked about peeing on the sting site as a cure for the pain. This got me to thinking. I’d heard about this ‘cure’ for a long time but I wasn’t entirely sure if there was some truth to it. So I then spent the next half an hour googling it (I told you, I don’t use my time effectively). Turns out this ‘cure’ is complete rubbish.

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Science vs Humanities: My Story

science  books and tea cup

I’ve always had a foot in both camps: the science one and the humanities one. At school, it was always really difficult for me to choose just one path, so I just did everything! When choosing a university I was worried that I would have to make a decision: team science or team humanities. As it happens, I could have my cake and eat it too. I was able to major in biology and minor in literature. Continue reading

Why AI?


I’ve recently been inspired to read around the subject of artificial intelligence (thanks to a certain someone, who I hope won’t find anything wrong with what I’m about to write, but let me apologise now in case I mess anything up…). It’s been an incredibly fascinating journey so far. I should probably start off by saying that I really had no idea so much already existed in the AI field. It’s all pretty amazing. As a self confessed sci-fi geek, everything I knew about AI came from novels and films. This meant that I knew next to nothing about the real world implications. In a recent article I read (on my quest to rectify my ignorance), I learnt about some of the new impressive capabilities of computers. Continue reading

Bacteria Busting Bandages


The field of medicine is developing all the time in huge leaps and bounds; it never fails to amaze me. A couple of months ago a new type of bandage was developed that would significantly improve the healing of wounds. This bandage, which is being developed at the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, is made out of a nanofibre mesh that attracts bacteria. The hope is that this bandage will draw the bacteria out of the wound itself, thus enabling the wound to heal much faster.  Continue reading