Can young blood reverse ageing?

It might sound like something from vampire mythology, but studies have shown that regularly infusing young blood can turn back the clock.

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Let’s Talk: Philip Pullman

Happy October! I’ve been looking forward to this month for so long! The 19th of October sees Pullman’s new book, La Belle Sauvage (the first in the Book of Dust series), finally being released. And man, am I excited. And on the 20th of October, Pullman is giving a talk at the London Southbank Literary Festival about his new series, and guess who got tickets? Yes, me!

So, with all that going on this month, let’s talk about Philip Pullman. Or more specifically: let’s talk Dust!

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The Art of Letter Writing

The quill and ink set I received for my birthday this year, and the seal set I’ve had since forever

I have a pen-pal and we write good, old fashioned letters to each other. He lives in Sydney, and I live in London, and we communicate with words that we write, on paper, and then send in the post. Weird huh? In this technological age, where everything is instantaneous, it’s hard to see why any two 24 year olds would like to use this outdated method of keeping in touch. But, the art of letter writing is still alive and kicking.

This is my letter writing story.

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