The Art of Letter Writing

The quill and ink set I received for my birthday this year, and the seal set I’ve had since forever

I have a pen-pal and we write good, old fashioned letters to each other. He lives in Sydney, and I live in London, and we communicate with words that we write, on paper, and then send in the post. Weird huh? In this technological age, where everything is instantaneous, it’s hard to see why any two 24 year olds would like to use this outdated method of keeping in touch. But, the art of letter writing is still alive and kicking.

This is my letter writing story.

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The Kangaroo

Say hello to Skippy!

When you think of a quintessentially Australian animal, most people instantly think of kangaroos. These hopping marsupials have many adaptations that have helped them to thrive in an Australian environment. With their huge tails, powerful hind legs, and spacious pouches, kangaroos are very curious indeed.

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My World Trip Favourites

Reading Under the Dome in an Australian park

My world trip lasted four and a half months and during that time I read 11 books. I discovered that most hostels have a book shelf where you can swap a book that you’ve read for a new one; what a brilliant idea! Here are some five star treasures I found around the world.

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